Tutu Instructions

First, here's what you need:

 Measuring tape (or cutting mat that is marked)
Scissors (use long blades) or cutting wheel (that's what I use!)
3/4" No-roll elastic (is much better than regular elastic)
Either a sewing machine or needle and thread for sewing the elastic together.

 Cut your tulle first. For the baby ones, I did 15" strips that are 6" wide. Obviously, if you buy it in the 6" rolls, this is easiest! I used a full roll of hot pink, a full roll of shrimp (those are 25 yards each) and a half roll of baby pink in the example. So, plan on about 3 rolls for the little ones and judge accordingly. Cut all of your tulle first, before you start tying.

OK, your tulle is cut. Now, sew one edge of the elastic over the other edge. Overlap by about 1/2". The reinforces it, and makes it easier when you tie the tulle to avoid elastic sticking out.

Slip your elastic over a frame.   Yes, I said a frame! I use a wooden one because it sticks up a bit higher. You want the frame to be large enough so that the elastic stretches out. In the sample, the elastic was 14 inches long. When you slip it over a frame, it's 7 inches on each side, right? Well, I used an 8x10 frame and stretched it over the 10 inch (longer) side so that the elastic really stretches.

Now, tie on your tulle. I know that most directions say to use the slip knots. Not me. I tied a regular knot. The reason? First, they don't come undone. Second, when you do a slip knot, the tulle is "split" into two parts to slip the tails through. That means they can separate easily. Instead, run the strip of tulle under the elastic (now you know why I use a wood frame that sticks up a bit!) and tie a knot at one side of the elastic (we'll call it the top). Now, run your 2nd strip of tulle under the elastic and tie the knot at the bottom. Basically, you alternate the knots top then bottom then top then bottom. Slide your tulle over so that the knots are right next to each other (but remember, half are on top, half are on the bottom). As you complete what is on the front of the frame, shift the elastic around so that you have new space to work with until you've gone all the way around!

Remember again...slide the tulle close together to cover the elastic completely. Here's what the inside of the band looks like!

Once you've tied the tulle all of the way around, you flip the top to the bottom.  


Don't turn the knots over, just kind of fluff the top part over the bottom part, then remove it from the frame.

**Don't tie the knots too tight on the elastic. You want it tight enough that so that it doesn't shift around, but not so tight that the elastic rolls.

**When you cut the tulle, cut it straight so that you don't have jagged edges that you'll have to trim later.

**Make sure that you cut all of the strips the same length. If not, you'll have these strange pieces that randomly stick out too far. Then you need to trim and that's a waste!

**When you tie the knot, make sure that you have the ends even. See above.

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