Phillip Phillips in Anthem

The tree lighting at the Outlets at Anthem is a big deal.  Really, it is!  My little town lights it up the weekend before Thanksgiving every year.  This is just any tree.  This is one HUGE tree!  This year, it's 112 feet tall (the tree at Rockefeller Center in NYC?  Only 85 feet) with over 6000 ornaments and 3 miles of lights.  It's like Clark Griswald, just vertical instead of spread across a yard.  This is the tallest live tree in the country, and we are proud of it and of the people at the Outlets that do a really great job of organizing the event every year!

We usually have around 15,000 to 20,000 show up for the performances that lead up to the lighting of the tree.  This year...35,000 people!  Our town doubled in population this year.  Why so many this year?  Why would all these people drive up Arizona I-17 just to see a tree lighting?

Hmmmmmmm, could have something to do with this guy.

Two words.  One word twice.  Phillip Phillips.

Don't know him?  Bet you do and don't even know it!  How about the winner of American Idol (Season 11).  Or, maybe you know his song "Home" that was hummed in homes around the U.S. as the theme song for the Fab Five US Women's Gymnastics Team.  Based on commercials, it's the song for Extreme Makeover Home Addition (makes sense!) and American Family Insurance.  Seriously, you can't turn around without either humming it or Whooooooaaa Ohhhh Ohhhh Oh Ohhhh Ohhhhh-ing it.

He's got boyish good looks.  Could be because he's so young.  Or, because I'm old.  Not too sure which.  *shrug*  He also has a grin that could indicate that he's going to get in trouble doing something.

How can you not love that, right?

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I love good backlighting.  This is a performance stage, so I don't get to control it, but it wasn't bad at all and I got a few "moody" shots before the first song.

And black & whites of backlighting?  They bring out the artist in the musician.

You're welcome.

I know I have a lot of black and white in the set.  More than normal.  It's because I can only see so many shots of a person being purple or blue or magenta before I want to pull my hair out.

No one should be purple.  Never.  Never ever.  Therefore, it's black and white.

You're welcome.  Again.

Phillip Phillips' first CD comes out tomorrow (Monday, November 19) named World From the Side of the Moon.  You can order it right here on Amazon ($14.99 and you'll be able to download it after midnight).  Based on Saturday's performance, you need to go out and buy it.  In fact, it's the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays.  Just sayin'.

Really some amazing songs and the accoustic guitar will make you want to go out, buy a guitar, take a lesson or two, realize you have no musical talent, then put it to the side so that everyone thinks you are musical.

Maybe that's just be me.