The End of Another Season

I've been so fortunate to photograph every level of football available.  As much as the big guys are amazing, with their skills and experience, I have to admit one thing.

The little guys are my favorite to shoot.  I know, that may sound strange (especially to parents that think I'm crazy for preferring to spend a Saturday afternoon photographing 10-13 year olds), but it's true.

While the pros, even college to some extent, have the big crowds, they just seem to lose a lot of the passion for the game that the young guys have.

These guys run their fastest, hit their hardest and are in constant learning mode.  They don't know everything and don't pretend to (unlike their older counterparts).

These guys just want to play.  After all, it's a game.  It's a game with life lessons that encourage discipline, hard work, physical exhaustion, time management...all things that we need to do later on in life.

Yes, it's only a game.  Unless you're a 12-year old on the field of play.  Then, it's life.

Happiness in a Bowl

I realize that there is nothing of nutritional value in these.

I understand that a bowl full of sugar cereal infused with artificial dyes is not going do anything good for me.

There's one thing that they don't list on the side of the packaging.  There's nothing better than that pretty yellow bowl filled with bright flakey goodness on the happiness scale.

How can you be cranky during the day when it starts with this!

As an added bonus, I adore laying out this doily that my friend Carla sent to me.  Isn't it just so beautiful?  Her mother crocheted these before she passed away many years ago.  Not sure how old they are, but I'm guessing maybe 40 years?  I need to ask Carla about that.  But, it doesn't matter if they are a week old or 40 years old, they are so pretty to lay over the table cloth!  Thank you, Carla, for sharing this little piece of your mother with me! 

OK, back to my Fruity Pebbles.

The REAL Mark

Seniors are, without a doubt, my favorite portraits.  They have their own ideas and every one of them have their own style.

As a photographer, I try to capture that style.  I want to get their personality in a still photo and work to match the vision of how they see themselves.

Mark loves to skateboard.  It's what he does and who he is.

I think I nailed it.  According to his mom I did!