Zombie Apocalypse: Phoenix Zombie Walk 4

If you don't want to see zombie photos, lots and lots of zombie photos, you need to click and close this now.  Really, just click and run away.  Fast.  Now.  Hurry.  Yeah, I didn't think so.  You want to see them.  I know you do.

Ok, you're still here, so you must want to see zombies.  And, I can promise you, there are a lot of them!  Tonight was the Phoenix Zombie Walk.  If you have never been, then you need to take out your 2013 calendar and mark the date because THIS.IS.AMAZING!  It is family friendly, as there were zombies of all different ages from little babies up through old people...older than me, even!  EEEeeeek!  Three bands played.  Now, I had to skip out early (I know, I know...no excuse), but the first band was rockin' the plaza!

In case you were wondering, you don't actually have to be a makeup artist to fit in.  There are tents lining the street with people willing to make you all scarred and bloody.  Awesome.

So, let's jump right into our zombie line-up.  I never, in my life, imagined there could be such a variety of zombies.  Really!  Check it out...

There are mature zombies.

And there are young zombies.  (Seriously, this little girl freaked me out a bit!)

There were gross zombies (in case the previous photos were not gross enough).

Zombies with their zombie dogs.

Bride and groom zombies.

And a bride and groom that weren't zombies!  (They didn't know the Zombie Walk was going on til they came out of the church.  They decided this would be a whole new level of experience on their wedding day!)

There are king and queen zombies.  (I like to think of them as Carrie's cousins.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need an education in horror films.)

Punk zombies in purple hair were a sight to see.

Zombies from some Disney Zombieland serving up drinks.

Of course, no zombie apocolypse would be complete without a gorgeous zombie.  Well, she probably used to be until that unfortunate incident where she lost half of her face flesh.

We can't forget the zombie killers.  Most of them were normal people in uniform (The Department of Zombie Destruction...DOZD).  This one happened to be the sexy DOZD.  If I didn't have a 22-year old son that would want proof, I probably wouldn't have taken this shot.  I guess I owe him a shot like this every once in awhile, huh?

 When there's this many zombies, Who Ya Gonna Call?  GHOST BUSTERS!

and, we had our Hispanic zombies painted up for Día de los Muertos.

Of course, we also have our politically incorrect zombie-nun, complete with her bloody ruler.  We don't need to fear this zombie, though.  She brought along her own divine intervention.

What an amazing display of creativity!  Thumbs up, Jesus.  Thumbs up!

Helloooo-oooo. McFlyyyyyy

If I had a fly for a pet, I'd either name him Marty McFly or Jeff Goldblum.

In case you were wondering!