Reason to be offended #174

Will my sister be more offended by the Steeler's jersey?  Or, by the fact that I had a white zin in my house?  :)

A Bit of Americana

I love breaking away from the desert heat to head for the cooler temps in Flagstaff.  I was there a few weeks back and saw this little piece of Americana in the old west.

This is Ulibarri's Barber Shop.  Ulibarri is a celebrity, kind of.  He's been featured in a few magazines and The Ellen Show, which is kind of cool.  What drew my eye, initially, was the old fashioned barber shop pole...the swirls of red and blue on the white background that let you know what's inside.

When you stroll in front of this shop, it's like seeing Floyd's Barber Shop in a black and white episode of The Andy Griffith Show.

Ulibarri is a character!  When he's not reading articles about how to invest his money, he's waiting for his next customer to come in for a flat top or buzz cut.

I thought, with a name like Ulibarri, he must be Italian.  I was having flashbacks of a Seinfeld episode.  He's not Italian.  He's not Mexican (a logical guess in Arizona).  He's not American Indian...another logical guess based on location.  He is actually from Spain and has been in Flagstaff for over 40 years.   This place is quiet and relaxing.  Perfect for a trim.  It smells like a barber shop...not a beauty shop.  There's the familiar blue jars of Barbisol with a dozen combs in it.  Clippers plugged in on the counter behind the classic steal and red leather chair.  Ulibarri has a wall filled with pictures of his regular customers and celebs that have stopped in.
I almost felt like I needed to have a piece of apple pie followed by a game of catch with my baseball and glove.  It's good to have a little slice of days gone by when you least expect it.