What to Wear: Weekend Edition

Seniors are kicking into gear!  So, for the next few weeks I think I'll share some great outfit ideas for your Senior photo shoots.

Today, it's all about the jeans!

Time to Book!

Hey, Class of 2013!  It's time to reserve your date and time for your Senior Portraits!  Dates are limited for October and November!

It's a Monday!

Monday's are so much easier if you start them with a flower!  Happy Monday!

So, Where are You Going?

When I was little, my mother always said that I was driving her to the nut house.

When I turned 16, I got my license...one step closer to driving my mom to the nut house.

When I became a mother, I knew what the nut house was.  I just didn't know where it was.

I was in Flagstaff a few weeks ago.

I found the nuthouse, and it's a lovely place.  I told my mom that I'd pick her up and after 40+ years, it is time for us to hit the road...I'm driving her to the nut house.

My mother was not amused.  I was.