Austin's Senior Portraits

Some of the Seniors that I photograph are new to me...and some I've known for years.  Austin is one that I've photoraphed since he was a "little" Freshman football player.  ha ha if Austin was ever actually little!  I've been fortunate to get to know his parents and family off the field and it's very easy to see that family and friends are fiercely loyal to Austin...and he to them.  

I can honestly say that Austin is a great kid with an amazing future ahead of him!  He'll be leaving Arizona to head off to North Dakota State University to continue playing football.  How awesome is that?  He'll go from being a Jaguar to being a Bison and I have no doubt that he will leave his mark on the fields in Fargo, just as he did here in Anthem!

Because you know that I have to get every.single.Senior jumping!

Chevy should just sign this kid up right now!  He loves his Chevy truck! 

Go Bison!

Austin, you know that I wish you the very best at college, with football and in trying to keep the girls away from you!  :)

Oh, and one other shot.  This wasn't part of Austin's Senior portraits, but is a photo that I took of he and his date, Olivia, during the pre-Prom photos at our park.  I love Olivia's dress (doesn't she look gorgeous?) and Austin is handsome, as always!