I Could Have Come Up With That!

Have you ever watched a show and they present a product that makes you do a forehead slap?  That happened to me tonight!  I was watching Shark Tank on ABC and they showed this contraption. 

It's called the Chord Buddy and you can purchase it (on sale!) on Amazon!  Now, I'm not very musical and I've threatened to learn to play guitar for years.  My son has a guitar, but I just haven't grasped it very well.  Well, this thing fits on the guitar and rather than getting calluses from pushing the strings, you just push the button and it holds the strings down to play the chords.

Genius.  Absolutely Genius!

It also allows you to remove the plastic pieces with the buttons so that you can really learn to play yourself.  But, since I don't want the calluses, I'm passing on that process.  I'm perfectly happy to push the buttons and call it a night! 

So now, I'm able to play and not make the coyotes howl.  Although, I'm not sure if the neighbors are too thrilled.  While the guitar is in key...my singing is not.  *sigh*