The End of Another Season

I've been so fortunate to photograph every level of football available.  As much as the big guys are amazing, with their skills and experience, I have to admit one thing.

The little guys are my favorite to shoot.  I know, that may sound strange (especially to parents that think I'm crazy for preferring to spend a Saturday afternoon photographing 10-13 year olds), but it's true.

While the pros, even college to some extent, have the big crowds, they just seem to lose a lot of the passion for the game that the young guys have.

These guys run their fastest, hit their hardest and are in constant learning mode.  They don't know everything and don't pretend to (unlike their older counterparts).

These guys just want to play.  After all, it's a game.  It's a game with life lessons that encourage discipline, hard work, physical exhaustion, time management...all things that we need to do later on in life.

Yes, it's only a game.  Unless you're a 12-year old on the field of play.  Then, it's life.


  1. Oh, great captures! I bet the parents are excited to see those kinds of shots of their little guys! I know I would be. I've only done that age, and just as a mom with a camera on the sidelines, but it is fun! They get the funniest expressions!

  2. Kim, these are wonderful!! I love the focus and intensity you captured on those boys' faces---not easy to do with those helmets and all the non-stop action. And I agree; at this age they play because they love the game, and it IS a game.

  3. what I wouldn't give for our local university defense to play with even 1/4 of that last fella's passion. Sadly I think some of the diminished passion results from starting them so young and the hours and pressure we (adults) put on them to excel. These are outstanding pictures on every level.


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