Street Music

I got used to seeing street performers in New York and in Los Angeles.  I never saw many in Chicago.  Then again, when it's freezing, should I have been surprised by that?

I didn't think so.

Here in Phoenix, I really don't see too many.  In fact, now that I think about it, I could probably count their numbers on 2 hands!  You would think that, with nice weather in the winter, there would be more.

Anyway, I saw so many of them last week and loved that they put themselves out there.  Most were pretty good and I'm guessing that they are struggling musicians looking to make ends meet.  And then my mind gets all fiscal and wonder if they make enough to live on.

I just took a few shots, but it seemed like the tune changed about every 50 feet ranging from country to jazz to the blues to oldies.  I loved it and I hope that dollar that I dropped in their cases helped someone out.  Or, if they are doing well, I hope they pay it forward!

If there's any doubt about how much music is in Nashville, there are signs to remind you.


Welcome to Music City!


  1. Would love to visit Nashville!! All those singers!! Great shots Kim!

  2. Perhaps the lack of street musicians in those areas is a testament to available indoor venues for them to express their art. hope so. I enjoy photographing outdoor artisans - be it live statues to musicians to street dancers. a whole different level of bravery because I am not so sure I could put myself out for such judgement - reading more into people walking by, staring, glaring, expressing their opinion of me based on their donation.

    Great captures


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