Nashville Part IV: Lee Brice on Stage!

I just don't have a lot to say.  Well, I do have a lot to say.  I just can't find the words to say it.  Since I never seem to have nothing to say, I think I can work my way through this!

Lee Brice brought down the house as the finale of Chevy's party.

He sings (Love Like Crazy).  He writes (Crazy Girl).  I think I see a pattern here. 

The guy performs like crazy!


This might be a good place to add that Lady Antelbellum did a spoof of "Love Like Crazy".  It's called "Biscuits and Gravy".  That's some funny stuff right there!  Anyway...

Lee took to the stage with the ballcap backward.  It's his thing, it's what he does.


Sorry, that's a word yelled out many times through the night.  We won't mention that it's also the name of a single on his Hard2Love CD.  Too late, I guess I just mentioned it.


I'll be quiet for a minute and just let you enjoy the show.


BEER! (sorry, I let that one slip out.)

It's too bad the drummer didn't know I was taking his photo.  Oh wait, he did!  As much as I love getting the performance shots, it's fantastic when someone makes eye contact and plays to the camera.

Can't help it.  I like being looked at, too.

And no night would be complete without a little bit of flirtmancing.  Am I right, girls?  

Let's face it.  When a big, burly guy that's half shaven with eyes that will melt you into a puddle of goo says something  like, "Girl, you ain't easy to ignore.", there's only 3 things to do. 

1)  You can go into flirtmance mode because, well...because you can.

2)  You can drink a lot of wine, knowing that the flirtmance will continue...but with song.

Or, 3)  You can write the lyrics to a hard hitting country honky tonkin' sort of song that I can hear in my head, even if I have no musical talents.

Standing in the dark, cotton dress that's glowing white,
I knew right from the start that this would be my kind of night.
She's got the kind of moves to make a grown man go insane,
Didn't know just where I am or even know her name.

Blue eyes lookin' back at me
Seeing what I want to see
Knowing it will never be but from this stage down to that floor
Oh baby got those moves and they ain't easy to ignore.

I may not be able to sing, but I have moments of brilliance in writing.  I'll let you know when I have one.  (A moment of brilliance, that is.)
So Lee, when you read this blog (because I know it's high on your list of priorities), feel free to get in touch with me for the rest of the lyrics to "Ain't Easy to Ignore".  I'm sure it will be your next chart topper.

You're welcome.

You know how I just said I hear music in my own mind?  Right now, I'm hearing laughter.  I'm seriously a legend in my own mind!


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