CMA Week in Nashville Part 1

I have photos.  Actually, I have too many photos from CMA week in Nashville.  So, I think I'll just break this into multiple entries.

Besides, it's more fun that way.  You never know what might be talked about tomorrow!  *slyly looking around*

First, let's just take a mini-tour of the downtown area.  I'll's pretty awesome in a party-til-you-drop kind of way.  It seems like every other door is a bar, a restaurant or a boot store. 

Since I like all 3, I was ok with that.

So, let's start with the places that serve adult beverages with a side of music.  They seem to go hand-in-hand around here!

There's karaoke bars.  They seem to be busier later in the evening.  There's some liquid courage behind these doors.

How could I pass this place without stopping in!  It encompasses every stereotype of the south that you could imagine!  Paradise?  Check.  Trailor Resort?  Check.  Eat? Drink?  Rock?  Check, check and check.

You can wander down Printers Alley, which I did.  I was expecting magazine stands or printing facilities or something really cool and historic.  Instead, I found bars (because there aren't enough on the main streets), karaoke and strip clubs.  Well, I never!

As I was strolling past these places, I stopped to photograph this really awesome wall.  I absolutely loved how it was painted.  Then, these 2 guys come up and want their picture taken.  I wasn't going to tell them no because, well, they kind of scared me.  Not in an "oooh, they're gonna get me" way.  More like a "why in the world does he have 2 different shoes on" way.  Yes, it's footwear that scares me the very most in life.

I know, I know.  I keep calling these places bars.  I'm mistaken.  When in Nashville, call them as you see them...Honky Tonks.

And, no city would be complete without your typical chain-type of bar honky tonk.

I wonder if all Hard Rock guitars are Gibsons, or if that's just a Nashville thing.  I may have to go downtown and see if the one in Phoenix is the same.  Or, I could Google it.  Naw, it would be more fun to make the drive down there!

Maybe tomorrow we should explore the other buildings and churches.  Or maybe, CMA night or the night before that.  So many possibilities!  Check back tomorrow!

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  1. Kim, thanks for taking us along on your journey of the honky tonks of Nashville. I must confess that I still regret not being able to join up with others during a get-together years back; and needless to say, while visiting Vanderbilt with our daughter we didn't make it to these colorful areas.


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