Let's Hear It For the Girls!

The last 2 Senior posts have been the guys.  I've been informed that I'm unfairly representing the Seniors and need to step it up with the girls!  So, I decided to start with the most recent and will work my way backward through the summer, when things are quiet around here.  For some reason, people aren't thrilled to do portraits when it's 120 outside!  Go figure!

Last night I photographed Kayla.  This was just a mini session...we're doing the full thing next week!  I've photographed Kayla before, just to do her cheer shots for the team and individuals at the high school.  This girl has a great personality and is lots of fun to photograph because she goes from girly-girly with sequins and fluff and, by throwing on a different top and changing from heels to Vans, she transforms into a longboard riding hot shot!

I don't think there's a lot of explaination needed.  Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I would like to present a short thesis.  :)

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