If You've Got It...

Flaunt it!  That's how the saying goes, right?  Well, Dan has got it!  He's getting ready to leave Phoenix and is bound for Dallas, where he'll attend SMU as a part of the Dive Team!  Dan's one of those Seniors that really seems to have it together.  He's very strong in his Faith and will be studying to be a Youth Minister.  I really do admire someone his age that knows what he wants to do, knows how to get there and is going to use all of the tools of his young life to reach his goals!

Because Dive has been such a big part of Dan's high school experience, I knew we had to bring that into his Senior Portrait shoot!  We did part of his shoot on land (at the little Chapel in Cave Creek, El Encanto and of course...my favorite sunset spot!) and part at the pool because this shoot dictated having diving be a part of it!

So, here's a few of Dan's Senior Portrait shoot. 

As I mentioned, Dan is very strong in his faith.  It is the reason for so many of his choices and we decided that this little church had to be a part of his shoot.  We didn't set out to find this church.  Possibly it was divine intervention?

It's kind of like "diving warm ups" on dry land.  Please, do not try this at home!  lol  THIS is why I love when seniors either come with ideas of their own, or play off of ideas that happen during a shoot and then totally run with it!

We had to get the dramatic light in.  I pretty much do something dramatic for all of my Seniors, but especially the athletes when they're in uniform!

But, just like every photo shoot, I have my favorite.  And, this is it!

There are so many reasons!  From a technical side, I love the clarity and the composition (which isn't always easy when you have an athlete in motion).  The blue of the sky with the high clouds are such an amazing backdrop!  From his side, he chose the perfect dive for this time of day.  I love that look of suspension, as if he's being held up there.  Many (on Facebook) that know Dan have also pointed out the symbolism that is not all that subtle. 

Dan, thank you for the amazing day (and night) of shooting.  I loved your ideas and, just as important, how you executed your plans and let me know what you envisioned.  After that, it was my job to bring your idea to life.

I think that, together, we did a darned good job of it!

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