So, What's Cookin'?

It's Friday and therefore the start of the weekend. I love to try new recipes and I tend to overcook on the weekend so that I can freeze and heat during the week. It just makes life easier. Among the items planned are Mini French Dips (made with refrigerated croisants, sliced roast beef and provolone cheese), some sort of pasta (I haven't decided on this, yet) and these fantastic looking cupcakes.
I saw this post at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and just knew they had to be made! Is it possible to go wrong with a chocolate cupcake, Oreo cookie, chocolate frosting dipped in a chocolate shell and then sprinkled with chocolate jimmies? I don't think so. At least it has a creamy filling, so it's not really chocolate overload! Aside from cooking, the Coyotes take on the Nashville Predators tonight, so there's hockey in the lineup. I also have 3 Senior photoshoots scheduled, so it's going to be a busy few days! I hope everyone else's weekend is filled with fun, excitement, relaxation or whatever you're looking to get out of it! Here's to Fridays!

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