What to Wear Wednesday!

It's another day for the Senior girls. Though, with the right family, this would be a great set for family photos! When I talk to clients, we always discuss ways to get that POP of color into the photos. I emphasize shoes, because great colors with jeans are a total wow factor. But, I really don't discuss ways to bring color into what you have. If you start with a couple of neutral basics, like this great dress in black and white, then you can add almost any colors to turn ho-hum into va-voom! I brought the yellow accents into this, but think about it...it could have been red or hot pink, lime green or a bold violet! The possibilities are limited by your imagination. If we look beyond the senior, this would be great for inspiration for your family photos! Mom could wear a black and white striped top and black pants with a yellow cardigan and yellow flats. Dad could wear black dress slacks with a white shirt. Little Susie could wear a yellow dress with black trim and cute little black shoes. Little Johnny would look sharp in black pants, a yellow polo and black shoes. Can't you picture it? It would be a great family clothing set up!
I think I may have to work on a family set for next week. Virtual shopping is so fun!

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