Sometimes, I just don't understand.

Let me start by saying...I LOVE Anthropologie. I love looking through their catalog and browsing their website. Honestly, I can't afford most of what I find, but I admire the quirky furnishings, the funky attire and drool a bit over most of their shoes.

But, there are times when I don't get it. This is one of those times.

I'm all for eclectic. I see it and admire it in homes and online, but just can't do it in my own home. What can I say...I live in the land of neutral boring!

But, I saw this on Anthropologie's web site. In theory, it fits my criteria. It's neutral. It's classic design. But, but, but...I just can't wrap my brain around the fabrics cutting a piece of furniture in half!

And, it has strings hanging off of it! I spend my days walking around and picking up random threads and strings. This sofa would drive me up a wall before my first cup of coffee!
BUT WAIT! If you order now, you can get the matching chair!
It has some pretty darned awkward blanket stitching. But it's a neutral! And, I like neutrals, remember? I'm still not feeling this, though. Maybe if I view it from a different angle, I'll feel a bit more love for it.

No. No. No. I just can't get into it.

Aside from the obvious, do you realize that my cat would think of this as one giant play toy with all of the strings and fringe hanging down!

And, who could blame him. If I were a cat, this would be a party on a pedestal!

Before you run out and buy this set, I should probably mention that this sofa is $6498...but it's on sale right now for $3299. Yes, half off! The chair is a screaming deal at $1699.

Oye. I think I'll just stick to Anthropologie for their shoes. Now, this is a neutral that I can live with!

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