Let's hear it for the girls!

It's Wednesday! Only 2 days til the weekend. Since yesterday was Fat Tuesday, I can only hope that today is Skinny Wednesday. Not so much, but I keep hoping that the calorie-burning fairy will knock on my door before bed time!

Today, let's look at some ideas on What to Wear Wednesday for the girls!

When you're 17 or 18, it's your chance to shake things up, but still stay within your own personal style. How about mixing up the shoes you may normally wear with that pretty black tulle dress, and wear a bright pair of boots instead! Pretty jewelry, scarves, earrings and belts will complete the outfit. Don't forget the heals! Heals will make your legs look longer, add a good flash of color with your jeans or dress and (in general) elongate your body...and that's always a good thing!

So girls, enjoy this bit of inspiration for What to Wear Wednesday!
Clothes shown are from a bit of everywhere...Nordstrom's, Ed Hardy, Cowtown Boots, BCBG and more. Let me know if you want to know about something specific!

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