Heads, you win. Tails, you lose.

I think we have a winner!

Low Hanging Fruit

Low hanging fruit is ripe and easy to pick. I usually pick my iPod Shuffle. :)

Are you feeling lucky?

I don't buy lottery tickets too often. But, I think I've been patient! Isn't it my turn yet?

*~*~* UPDATED: The drawing was today (1/6/2011). I didn't win the million. Hell, I didn't win enough to replace my 5D, which really needs to be done soon! In fact, I won nothing...nothing at all. *sigh* Oh well! At least I have my health, right? ha ha

Faking Baking

The lingering scent of fresh baked sugar cookies hangs in the room. But, there are no calories and the oven never goes on. God bless you Yankee Candles!

Just a Sip

Sometimes it takes just a sip to know if a beer is a good one. Sometimes you need to really be sure.

You Taunt Me

You taunt me, just sitting on the counter. Whenever I pull you out, you produce such yummy goodness. Ahhhhh, my Kitchen Aide.