I just couldn't stop myself!

No, it's not my photo. It is courtesy of AP, though. :) And, it is my caption. It's probably a good thing that they didn't consult me before publishing this!

My Last Senior for the Class of 2010...I think!

The Seniors will graduate Friday, so I think this is the last Senior. And what a great way to end it! Tyler is a fantastic guy (Jody's a lucky girl). He's just so polite and nice, very friendly and so soft spoken. Well, except during football season! Congratulations, Tyler!

Getting my Zen on.

These girls were so fun and so nice to shoot! They are all Yoga instructors at the Community Center here in my little town and we did a photo shoot for the local magazine. And one of them talked me into attending her class the next day. My hips have still not forgiven me. But hey, it's all in the name of Zen, right?