Owl be seeing you, in all those familiar places...

I know, bad pun. But really, I had to do it!

The baby owls have hatched and are about 4 days old. Mama was so very kind to fly off the nest long enough to let me get a couple of shots. (What a sweetheart, huh?)

I can assure you, she did not go too far away. And, she did not take her eyes off of me...even when I was behind her!

And, if there's any doubt about whether I was being watched getting closer to the babies, Mama brought in Daddy for reinforcements! Here's Dad and Mom (you can see her one eye and top feathers) sitting on the chimney. They kepts calling, "Who, Who" I kept answering, "Me, Me". They didn't swoop down, so I guess that was the answer they wanted to hear!

And now, with no further introduction, the babies! (I've named them Winkin, Blinkin and Nod, in case you were wondering!)

Up Up and Away

These guys were flying about 40 feet up in the air. Both of them. At the same time! After this exhibit, I've decided that I may not be the best shooter at the X-Games. With only the 2 guys, I kept gasping...audibly. So, combine flying guys with a beautiful blue sky and it made for the perfect photo opportunity!

Cave Creek Fiesta Days Rodeo!

Spring weather and cowboys. Is there really anything better?

The Fiesta Days Rodeo was a wonderful experience! The organizers really treated me well...setting me up with a great location to shoot from and introducing me to all of the key players in the Rodeo Circuit event.

I will admit. I love the view at the rodeo.

Coming or going.

But, aside from the view, the rodeo is also about tradition. The Rodeo Queens are a huge part of that! This beautiful girl was named Miss Rodeo Arizona at the State Pageant...this morning! Seriously, she got the crown and participated in this Rodeo a matter of hours later as her first official function. How cool is that?

And then, there are the rodeo events. No explaination needed, other than anyone who does not think Rodeo is a sport or that any of these guys are any less an athlete than a football, basketball or baseball player has never attended a Rodeo. And if you haven't, look one up. There are local rodeo circuits in all over the country. And really, there is nothing more All-American than taking the kids to a weekend rodeo!