15 Feet and Growing

Just another day in paradise when you live in the desert.

This is the agave plant. More specifically, it's an American Agave. They also call it a Century Plant. Rumor has it that it lives for 100 years (Century, ha ha). In reality, it doesn't make it that long. And just when it gets this amazing stalk up the middle with these balls of "flower", it's time to die. This flowering is kind of the last harah for the agave. Then it goes off to some manufacturing plant where they suck the juices out of it an sell it in health food stores as if it is the nector of the gods. It's an interesting story for a plant that grows pretty wild in most of the yards out here.


  1. that "is" interesting. So they sell it in health food stores eh. Wonder what it does for the body? Nice capture.

  2. Wow - that is one big plant!

  3. such an interesting plant and I love your b&w with it :)


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