Picture of the Day 01-30-10

Last night was a Boy's Soccer night. It was their last game of the season and was a pretty important one. If they won...it locks their first visit to the AZ State Playoffs. It also meant the first winning record for the school. And if they lost, well, playoff possibilities would dwindle and they would not have a winning season (though, they would have been at 500). Well...THEY WON!!! The boys defeated Willow Canyon 3-1. Congratulations, guys!

And, check out the big orange moon from the beginning of the game! Granted, I had to take this through a fence, another fence on the other side of it, plus 2 light towers in the parking lot. Oh, and I was handholding that monster lens! I didn't have my tripod with me for this shoot, so please be forgiving on this shot. It's not as sharp as I normally like moon pics...but it will do!


  1. Kim, those are both *incredible* shots!

  2. Man, Kim, I see nothing to forgive on that moon shot, other than I wasn't there! How absolutely gorgeous!! Don't you love it when the moon is an unexpected color? LOVE the action in the soccer shot with all 3 of the guys off the ground--amazing! GREAT shot!!

  3. Awesome action shot - and that moon shot - wow!

  4. Great shots. Perfect caption on your first one. I personally like the extra detail in your moon shot - very nice.

  5. Kim, I really like the moon shot and well your action shots never disapoint. Lovely work with your camera.

    If you are interested there is a Camera Club meeting on Feb 8th at the library from 7-8:30pm with a photographer in Anthem. He will be talking about lighting techniques.

    I am planning on being there and hope to meet you.


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