Senior Destination: Santa Monica

This weekend was a whirlwind! I wish we had had a few days of rest and relaxation, but we were so busy with the photo shoots that, didn't happen. But, even though we didn't have play time, we had a ton of fun! Ashlee and Tina channelled their inner model and pulled out a couple of days of fantastic photos!

Thank you, girls! You were great fun over the entire weekend! Here's a sneak peek of a few shots. Each one is better than the one before. I can't wait for you to see them all!

And, as an added bonus, I got some great shots of this beautiful family. Carolyn, Scott and Natalie...thank you!

Gorgeous Home Shoot!

My friend Tama called me about photographing a home that she is listing for sale at the end of the week. Sure! Well, let me tell you...this home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! So, I promised I'd post a couple of sneak peeks for her this evening while I work on the rest.

This is the living room. I love all of the texture from the walls and flooring to the tile work and how it is such a beautiful contrast to the shiney smooth granite bar.

My absolute favorite room in any home is the kitchen. It is the spot that everything seems to revolve around. And it doesn't hurt that I love to cook!

And here is the front of this home right after sunset. It is such a wonderful mix. Kind of like Under the Tuscan Sun meets ummmm...some cool Arizona movie that I can't think of. While we were standing out there shooting these photos, we decided that this front is the perfect location for an intimate family wedding. *sigh*

Thank you, Tama, for asking me to do this photo shoot! It was such a pleasure with a wonderful family!